Past Mediations

(And Many More After)

Richmond CA Buyer Seller Dispute Real Estate Non-Disclosure July 2017 Settled

Folsom CA Buyer Seller Dispute Real Estate  Non-Disclosure Issue June 2017 Settled

Amador County, Homeowner/Contractor Dispute June 2017.Settled

Superior Court Tuolumne County ongoing Small Calims & Civil Harrasments Fridays. Settled

Calaveras County Landlord tenant Dispute April 25th 2017 Settled

Buyer Seller Dispute Chico Butte County ,Non Disclosure Issue April 19th 2017  Settled

Landlord Tenant Disute Tuolumne County Superior Court  April 2017  Settled

Homeowners HOA  March 2017 Not Resolved

Landlord Tenant Dispute March 2017 Not Resolved

Civil Harrasment 4 tennage girls Tuolumne County Superior Court March 2017 Settled

`Real Estate Dispute Co-Ownership Partnership Dispute February 2017  Tuolumne County Settled

Real Estate Dispute Calaveras County Buyer Seller Feb 2017 Settled

Real Estate Dispute Buyer Seller San Jose, Santa Clara County., Feb 2017 Not Resolved

Real Estate Dispute Buyer Seller Calaveras County Feb 2017 Settled

Family Law Real Estate Alameda County  Hayward Feb 2017 Settled


Restraing Order Court Ordered Settled 2017

Employer/Employee Dispute Settled 2017

Lanlord Tenant settled 2017

Online Dispute Resolution ODR Consumer/Agent Settled 2017

Landlord Tenant Settled 2017

Vendor Vendee Sellted 2017

 Non Disclousre Vallejo Real Estate Settled 2017

Personal Injury Amador County Settled 2017

 Family Law Oakland  Settled 2017

Small Claims Superior Court Personal Property

Vendor/Vendee Dispute Superior Court Settled 2017

Homeowner Dispute Settled 2017

Landlord Tenant Dispute Non Payment of Rent Holdover Settled

Mobile Home Dispute, Non Disclosure, Settled

Non Disclosure Real Estate Deposit Dispute, Oakland Settled

Employee/Employee Dispute, Sacramento Settled

CCR's Law Suite HOA Pine Mt. Lake, CA. Not Settled 

CCR's Law Suit, HOA Pine Mt. Lake, CA. Settled

Real Estate Non Disclosure Issue Chico, CA. Settled

Family Law Partnership Dispute Settled

Real Estate Deposit Dispute San Jose, CA. Settled

Neighbor Naeighbor Dispute Easement Issues Settled

Landlord Tenant Commercial Lease Sonora, CA  Settled

Partnership Dispute between Partners San Jose, CA  Settled

Contract Issues Real Estate Merced, CA. Settled

Non Disclosure Issues Seller/Buyer Oakland Settled

CAR Ombudsman Online Dispute Resolution (12) Pro Bono

Partnership Dispute Real Estate Amador County Superior Court Settled

Partnership Dispute Real Estate Amador County Superior Court Settled

Vendor Vendee Dispute Amador County Superior Court Settled

Partnership Dispute Amador County Superior Court  Settled

Foreclosure Monterey County Settled

Attorney Fee Dispute Settled

Civil Dispute Non- Payment over Services. Settled

Civil Dispute Non-Payment over Services Settled

Buyer Seller Dispute Settled 

Personal Injury

Vehicle Dispute Settled

Civil Dispute Family Members 

Amador County non-disclosure between seller & buyer. Settled

Mariposa County Family Dispute over real estate.

Tuolumne County Superior Court

Co Habitants Partnership Dispute. Settled 

CCR's Home Owners Association v Home Owner

Real Estate Commission Dispute Settled

Real Estate Deposit Dispute Settled 

Neighbor to Neighbor Dispute "Barking Dogs"  Settled 

Construction Defect   Settled

Fremont, CA Condo homeowners dispute, construction defect.

Real Estate Deposit Dispute. Settled 

Homeowner Vs County Building Department  Settled 

Non Disclosure issue Butte County.

Real Estate Deposit Dispute  El Dorodo County

Non Disclosure Water Intrusion, Seepage. Settled 

Tenant vs Mobile Home Park  Dog Bite  Settled