Real Estate Deposit Dispute

 Do you have a dispute, involving a real estate deposit?

$2,500 or more.

The deposit cannot be released from escrow, until the following occurs.

01.  A Written Mutual agreement between the parties.

02.   Arbitration Award.

03. Judicial Decision.

Are you a California Real Estate Seller or Buyer involved in a dispute over deposit in a purchase contract?

Are you an attorney , ecrow company, real estate brokerage in California, involved in a dispute with real estate?

Real Estate Mediation Services offers confidential mediation between the parties and offers quick resolve , involving real estate deposits.

We are only paid, if a settlement is reached.

Our fee is simple, we charge 20% of the amount settled. For example a $5,000 settlement would be $1,000 split between the parties or $500 each.

We are neutral, we are experienced and we know real estate and work closely with all parties.

Our goal and commitment is to settle the dispute. Why Litigate when you can Mediate.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, or if you feel comfortable fill out our online confidentail dispute form to start the process.


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