"Jim W Hildreth was our mediator in a dispute regarding a failure to disclose in a real estate transaction. You can be assured you will be getting a professional, well versed expert in real estate matters to assist you through the mediation process. Thank you Jim!"

Terry H., Kula, HI


"You brought agreement and common ground in my situation where I thought there was none. You do a great amount of good."

R. Cotten, Brookings, OR


"Jim came to my door due to COVID-19 rendering me unable to pay my rent and my landlord had contracted his help in the matter.  I was confused and upset at first, but Jim was able to explain the situation to me clearly and helped me get documents in order to rectify the situation.  The forms were very new yet Jim seemed knowledgable about them. We worked out a very fair agreement and he was easy to work with according to my landlord and I. I would recommend him to anyone looking to avoid litigation or arbitration as he seems to bring out the best in people and is very objective in his advice."           

Michael Block, Tennant


"We were quite satisfied with the service, speed, accuracy and results."

Anonymous Survey Testimonial


As a real estate litigation attorney with 46 years of experience, I can recommend the mediation services of Jim. He just finished resolving a difficult mortgage dispute that I had my doubts on getting settled. While I generally used retired judges for mediations, my opponent would not agree to any of my nominees due to expense. He then nominated Jim, and my client and I agreed. We are glad we did, as Jim saved all parties thousands of dollars in litigation costs by selling both sides on a compromised resolution. And though his office is in Sonora, he held the mediation in San Jose at facilities he arranged at no cost to the parties. He earned his 5-star rating in our case.

Michael E Stone, Attorney at Law


I work with Jim on the Tuolumne County Superior Court Mediation Panel that Jim manages.  Jim's extensive background in real estate transactions gives him a solid foundation to assist parties with real estate and commercial disputes to resolve them efficiently.  His demeanor helps remove animosity from the conflict so that the parties can focus on the important facts. He is dedicated to the dispute resolution process and is tenacious in his pursuit of settlement for the parties.

Alan Wilhelmy, attorney/mediator


I have known Jim both professionally and personally for a long time. He is both kind and professional in his business and mediation practices.  Jim is a good listener and an excellent mediator.  I am glad to have Jim as a friend and fellow peacemaker.  

Jim Cherry, Attourney


Jim Hildreth is a well known and trusted mediator in the Motherlode communities.  He is professional -- taking the time to learn about the issues involved and to provide thoughtful insights and possible solutions to the parties.  I highly recommend Mr. Hildreth.
Kathy A. Wilseyville, CA
I know Mr Hildreth personally. He is honest, objective, and he has a passion for settling disputes. His specialty is issues dealing with Real Estate disputes in Northern California. I have seen first hand his treatment of the general public with his kindness and sincerity. I highly recommend him as a mediator.
Marife W., Sonora, CA
Jim Hildreth knows his real estate and knows how to get parties to resolution.  I have worked with Jim in court mediations and found his approach to be refreshing, knowledgeable and professional.  He treats all parties, no matter what their position, respectfully. He listens well.  I am impressed with Jim's sincerity and genuine desire to assist parties to reach a resolution that works for both parties.  Jim is a first responder for real estate matters.  Often there is no need to take a matter further once Jim steps in to mediate.
Sally C., Sonora, CA


Testimonials Jim and I work together on the Tuolumne County Superior Court Mediation Panel.  I have had the opportunity to jointly mediate matters with Jim, to sit-in on his mediations and to have him sit-in on my mediations.  Mediations that have failed with me, have on numerous occasions,  then completely settled on the second round with Jim as the mediator.  Jim is also a broker and he brings this expertise to his mediations in property disputes.Jim thinks, breathes, and lives mediation. He has a demeaner that relaxes the parties. He is able to reach the core reason for the dispute, which often is not in the documents filed or prepared by the parties. Jim is an excellent mediator and serves his clients well    Jim was appointed as mediator for a case which was causing me a lot of grief.  He quickly grasped the essence of the situation and was successful in getting the other party's attorney to agree to a settlement. I was pleased with the outcome and relieved that the whole thing was over with.  I was very satisfied with his performance.


  “Jim is an excellent mediator. He matches knowledge with inter-personal skills that help to bridge the gap between litigants and resolve cases.” J. Wright Attorney


 Mr. Hildreth's skills are evident in the sheer number of cases he has mediated to a lasting resolution, he is skilled, patient, knowledgeable and perservering. Superior Court.   Mr. Hildreth listened to both sides, examined the facts, he did not take sides, he helped mediate a tense dispute between me and my ex boyfriend. Plaintiff   "Jim mediated a real estate case for me. He is very personable and is dilligent in following up with the parties. He was able to settle a very difficult case. He did a great job."  Sacramento Attorney.D Melton
Service Category: Mediation

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity   “Jim has been extensively involved in the real estate community of Northern California for, literally, decades. His experience, combined with his compassion for the industry and the client both, makes him an invaluable mediator. I have recommended family law clients to him for mediation, to avoid the acrimony often associated with court cases. While he is the go to guy for real estate mediation, I believe his personality makes him a great mediator for family issues too.” December 15, 2011n JG Attorney   The issues were settled without going through arbitration, and we did receive a financial benefit. I thought your service and the way you conducted yourself were excellent. Plaintiff   I thought that you were very good at putting the clients at ease.  My clients were happy. Broker Job well done, professionalism and attention to detail and extra efforts.   I wish to thank you for your help in this dispute to a conclusion. It has truly been a pleasure working with you and we will gladly use your mediation services again. GD Attorney   


Jim W Hildreth was able to "speak into areas during the mediation that was easier to understand and not received as confrontational" Defendant   I thought you did a good job of making people fill at ease. You helped in keeping things on track and moving in a forward direction. It was pleasing to work with you in this dispute. You were positive and professional. Defendant   Very helpful, non-partisan, effective, cost efficient. Plaintiff


Dear Judge Boscoe  Thank you assigning Jim W Hildreth as our mediator. Without his help we would have never resolved the case.  Jim was very patient with the defendant and extremely conscientious and attentive to me as the plaintiff.  Mediation saved me money and the need for a trial.  What ever your paying Jim Hildreth is not nearly enough. His help was remarkable and irreplaceble.  Plaintiff ED Santa Cruz  


Jim is very dedicated to the practice of ADR through mediation and brings high value to the dispute resolution practice through his expertise and dedication to his craft. I would recommend him for your ADR needs."  June 2011 Bay Area Attorney Get with Jim! Jim is a wonderful person to work with: he is extremely knowledgeable about real estate and is fair & impartial.  "Jimmy is a great communicator with great insight in to mediation dynamics. He is a welcome addition to the mediation profession in general and an expert when it comes to real estate matters." Oakland  "I have known Jim since 2000. He has always been fair in resolving issues during Real Estate transactions. Having a neutral person to listen to both sides and come up with new resolutions to make both party's in agreement is a great skill that Jim has. I highly recommend him."


“Jimmy has a comfortable good-natured communication style which, combined with his real estate expertise, makes him a very desirable mediator in real estate disputes.” 

“I had good results due to Jimmy working towards an out of court solution of a neighborhood barking dogs dispute. I suggest using his services as a mediator.”  Defendant.  


"Litigators need more mediators like Jimmy W. I like his informal style and practical approach to seemingly difficult situations. He is not one to simply sit back and allow the parties to play games; instead, he cuts through the chaos and allows common sense to prevail." W Davis Attorney .

I would like to comment and respond to the Mediation process I was involved with.. I purchased a home in 2010 and it wasn't until the winter of that year when I developed a problem with the drainage system in my back yard. I contacted the local Board of Realtors for the process to resolve my problem. I was then put in contact with Jim W Hildreth. He advised me of his years of experience resolving disputes of this kind  and the complete process involved bringing these type of disputes to a resolve. He also advised me that he would remain neutral as to not take sides but rather bring the two party's together and discuss the dispute and help both sides come to an agreement. I was very leery of this because of a past mediation I was involved with however, it wasn't with Jim Hildreth. So I entered into the mediation process all along being leery but trusting the experience and knowledge of Jim. I must say Jim was Professional and very punctual at all times and there were times he had to put up with both parties being stubborn and unresponsive. He kept telling me to trust the process and let him do what he does best that is, bring the parties together to resolve the dispute. I was still hesitant even up until the time we all got together. I have to say the process was very simple and clear. Jim remained UN-bias and let both parties present their sides. Jim asked important questions to keep the dialogue going and all along never giving his opinion however, he did keep the process moving along even when it seemed there was going to be a stalemate. In the end we were able to come up with an compromise that I feel both parties could live with. I was very pleased with the process and Jim's professionalism and want to thank him for all of his time and effort.

Mr. Steve P 
Hi Jim,
Thanks again for your help bringing this problem to a resolve. I'm satisfied with the outcome. Thanks again it was nice meeting you and you did a great job keeping us on task.

Plaintiff  February 2011  " I wish I had mediated four years ago"  Plaintiff January 2011 Mr. Hildreth has proven himself to be the "go to" court mediator in Tuolumne County.  His predisposition toward fairness is an asset in the work that he does as is his ability to remain neutral in the cases that he is called upon to mediate.  Jim mediated a case for me and did a fantastic job! His calm demeanor and compassion set the tone of the entire room. Very professional, but with a lot of heart. Thank you, Jim! - Plaintiff  


Thank you, Jim – I really did not think that was going to resolve but your calm demeanor and subtle optimism did the trick.  Bravo! Sonora Attorney November 2010 I recently had an opportunity to observe one of Jim's mediations. He's skillful and went the extra mile to identify areas of agreement and opportunities for resolution. All parties were satisfied with the outcome. Jim's calm and friendly tone and skill at getting to the heart of things helped the parties through their conflict to settlement. "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud"    "Jim is an amazing Mediator" Plaintiff Tuolumne County Superior Court 

Hello Jim, it has been a long journey for sure.  I appreciate your saying all that and it really was a pleasure working with both you and Ed.  I have a great appreciation for all that you both did for us.  It really is evident that you do the job that you do because you care about others.  Please extend my gratitude to Ed as well.  Defendant


Jim just mediated a disagreement between me and another party.  Fascinating process.  Instead of the antagonistic process you feel in small claims, we both shared our concerns, asked questions and Jim facilitated us to both understand the other's viewpoint. Plaintiff  


Jim oversaw a small claims case for our company at the Tuolumne County Superior Court.  I had past experiences with mediation, and going in I was convinced that it would not be successful.  Because of Jim's knowledge and ability to listen, we were able to come to a resolution without the court's involvement.  I highly recommend him for mediation in a Real Estate or Landlord Tenant dispute.  Thanks Jim!  Plaintiff


"Jim's extensive knowledge and experience in real estate is invaluable in the mediation process.  Coupled with his expert mediation skills, he is able to quickly assess the issues and assist parties in resolving real estate and property disputes." Ed Johnson Attorney at Law  


Not relishing the thought of a trial, Jim Hildreth was selected as our mediator. Jim’s unbiased approach encouraged both parties to communicate the issue background and their concerns. Jim researched and presented information pertinent to the issue which was helpful in reaching an equitable resolution. His communication style encouraged both parties to reach common ground. The issue was resolved in mediation. I am satisfied with the settlement and I believe that is true of the other party. Plaintiff    


Jim Hildreth mediated a dispute involving mining easements.  He started the mediation with a positive attitude that this case can be resolved through mediation.  He was a good listener while allowing both sides to briefly state their case and monitored the peaceful exchange bewtween the parties.  The parties arrived at a perameter of a settlement at the first meeting and adjourned to look at the easement in the field.  After the plaintiff saw the actual width and terrain of the easement the parties were able to settle the issues.  Jim also did some investigative research that help determine the width of the road.  This is the second mediation with Jim Hildreth and will use him again.  Guy Reynolds, Lawyer


Went into this mediation thinking that this was just a waste of time and money and that there was no way that anyone could make me agree to pay the planitiff any money as I had not done anything wrong.  I was looking at owing the opposing side $100,000.00 plus attorney fees. Jim was able to mediate a $25,000.00 settlement which was agreeable with all parties involved.

I would like to thank you Jim for your splendid job of mediation and saving me and my wife thousands of dollars. Now I can put this past me and look to the future. 
D Roberts Contractor  Modesto 

"I was immediately impressed with Jim's communication abilities, from my first conversation with him.  I have conducted hundreds of mediations on behalf of litigants in my 18-year career as a lawyer.  I must say that Mr. Hildreth was one of the best mediators with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working.  The reason is simple: his knowledge of real estate is undeniable, he applies common sense to the negotiation process and he knows how to encourage the parties to find common ground.  I will definitely use him again." Wallace C Doolittle Attorney for Plaintiff  

 "I was initially reluctant to agree to have Jim act as the mediator in the real estate broker's breach of fiduciary duties lawsuit in which I was counsel for the defendant real estate agent. I was quickly disabused of my reluctance and viewpoint. Jim was extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful and competent. With his wealth of experience as a real estate agent and broker, Jim was able to focus on the minutae of details and facts, which in turn provided insight to my client, to assist him in settling the lawsuit.

   I would not hesitate to hire Jim to act as the mediator in a similar dispute. He was excellent and skilled."
                                                                                  Alec E. Adams, Attorney  

Hello Jim W Hildreth, Thank you very much for your expertise & professional Mediation Services. We were very impressed with your professionalism, knowledge and appreciated your prompt attention. Hopefully we won't have to use you again Ha! Ha! Thanks RB Real Estate Broker I'm glad that we decided to use Jim's skills and services as a mediator. He allows both sides to state their case, listens to what is being said and clarfies by asking questions, then summarizies what he has heard. If fairness is what you are looking for, look no further. BD- Sacramento  


"I have witneesed several mediations previously, and I thought you performed your work exccedingly well. I believe both parties had an equal opportunity to be heard, and that you brought them together to resolve differences in a professional and unbiased manner". MF- Sacramento


"I want to say thank you for all you have done. I am amazed at how well you do your job. I have met too many so called professionals that were less than reasonable. You have a tremendous God given talent for talking with people. I truely thought this was going to be a brick wall meeting at best. I am glad that I was wrong." MH Plaintiff  


"Jim is good in summarizing parties positions and asking clarifying questions"  "Jim has great people skills and a good listener who is fair and impartial" Greg Applegate City of Sonora


"Thanks for your help in solving the real estate dispute. My first experience with  mediation, you made it flow easy, I was happy with the end results". Plaintiff 


"I do not hesitate to recommend Jim Hildreth as a Mediator". Brenda Gaspar East Bay Mediation.